About the company

Who we are and why

As technology, product, and marketing leaders, our mission is to build technology that helps publishers and advertisers simplify their video advertising operations and adapt to an evolving industry. Since our first technology innovations in 2014, we’ve expanded our platform to solve many of the toughest challenges our customers face as they scale their video advertising across digital screens.

Today, our infrastructure connects hundreds of publishers and media companies, vendors, advertisers, agencies, and their video-related partners and is independently ranked among the top five video advertising platforms in the US.

Our Leadership

Brian Defrancesco


As Co-Founder and CEO of LKQD, Brian DeFrancesco is the driving force behind the company’s strategic vision. In 2014, he and co-founder Christophe Clap saw a unique opportunity to build technology that helps publishers bridge the gap between the monetization and implementation of mobile video advertising. As the video advertising landscape has grown increasingly complex, Brian has led the company through continuing platform expansion and industry-leading customer growth. Under his guidance, the LKQD platform has evolved into an end-to-end video ad infrastructure that hundreds of publishers rely on to run their entire video advertising businesses across every digital screen. Brian leverages 10+ years of industry experience to ensure the LKQD platform solves the toughest challenges publishers face, and continues to deliver innovative, market-leading solutions.

Christophe Clapp


Christophe co-founded LKQD in 2014 and is responsible for ensuring the company continues to lead innovation within the fast-paced digital advertising industry. As the company’s Chief Technology Officer, he oversees global development and expansion of LKQD’s cross-screen video advertising infrastructure and product suite. Christophe brings more than a decade of experience building highly efficient, scalable, and resilient solutions in digital advertising and beyond. Prior to founding LKQD, he served as Vice President of Engineering at Vindico where he was lead engineer for the company’s core ad platform and he spearheaded the creation, development, and implementation of new products and solutions.

Scott Alexander


Scott joined LKQD in 2015 as Chief Operations Officer. In his role, he oversees all sales, client management, and operations for the company. His leadership spans every operational facet of the company including internal employee operations and external client engagement. Scott brings a decade of experience in digital media and brand marketing to LKQD, previously working at Oakley as Director of Digital Marketing and Global Product Manager at Red Bull Media House, where he was instrumental in the launch of Red Bull TV. At LKQD, Scott leverages his expertise to ensure the company continues to efficiently scale its operations and remains focused on customer success.