LKQD Announces Invalid Traffic Protection


By Christine Schoultz

The LKQD™ Product team is pleased to announce Invalid Traffic Protection across the LKQD™ Platform

At LKQD we focus on providing solutions to solve the complex technology challenges that limit the growth of publishers and advertisers in the multi-channel video advertising space.  We are constantly innovating to ensure the LKQD Platform enables our partners to have access to the best resources, tools, and knowledge to grow their businesses.

Today we are announcing the launch of an Invalid Traffic Protection (ITP) program.  This new program is designed to help protect our platform partners from suspicious and malicious traffic.  This will help to prevent partners from experiencing collection issues associated with invalid traffic as well as provide buying and selling confidence when working with partners on the LKQD Platform.

Using LKQD’s massive scale and platform insights to spot traffic anomalies combined with support from third party fraud and brand safety partners, the LKQD platform will now assist in reporting and filtering inbound suspicious and invalid traffic.

The ITP program will roll out across the platform in stages according to the schedule below:

  • November 2, 2015:  Mobile Apps
  • December 1, 2015:  Mobile Web
  • March 1, 2016:  Desktop & Connected TV

For more details about the ITP program and to stay informed of policy updates, please visit the compliance section of our wiki:

Starting this week, LKQD platform partners will receive notifications regarding current Mobile App supply sources in their account that are in violation of the traffic policies and guidelines for reducing further occurrences.

Thank you for joining us in our commitment to support quality traffic and create the most premium platform for you and your partners.