Unified Analytics Suite


Unify direct & programmatic video analytics

Get the most robust set of real-time metrics in the industry. Customize metrics and terminology to suit your business. Our enterprise-grade analytics suite is architected for unmatched speed, efficiency, and scalability.

One platform for unified video analytics & insights

Direct & programmatic video analytics

50+ metrics & 50+ dimensions, out of the box

Mix and match any dimensions

Save, download, or access through our API

See all your video analytics & insights in real-time

Customize metrics & terminology

See the big picture and get granular details in seconds

Spot important trends to take immediate action

Get unified real-time video analytics

See advanced, multi-dimensional analytics across all your video inventory and campaigns. The LKQD Unified Analytics Suite automatically includes 50+ metrics and 50+ dimensions for every customer. Need more? No problem, our platform is built to support an unlimited number of additional dimensions and customizations for enterprise customers.

  • Live Reporting

    Set your campaigns and immediately see your performance with Live Reporting.

  • Real-time multidimensional analytics

    Dive deeper with robust, multidimensional analytics across desktop, mobile, and connected TV.

Win with Live Forecasting

Integrated into the LKQD real-time unified video analytics suite, live forecasting gives publishers an unparalleled ability to predict and analyze their inventory availability for their direct advertiser relationships and campaign needs. With LKQD Live Forecasting, publishers have a complete suite of tools and solutions that help them streamline operations while maximizing revenue.

Access high-level performance data and get granular insights in seconds

Capture a holistic view of your performance across all your video inventory and campaigns. Spot high-level trends and uncover granular insights to immediately take action. With 50+ dimensions and 50+ metrics built right in, and an intuitive, interactive user interface, LKQD gives you the flexibility to mix and match analytics in any combination you choose.

  • Scalable & Reliable

    Build and grow your video advertising business with confidence. Our infrastructure is specially designed for speed and reliability at any scale.

  • Customizable

    We work with you to customize terminology and metrics, so your dashboard is tailored to exactly what you need.

  • Accessible

    Use our intuitive user interface to quickly build, save, and download reports in an seconds, or get access through an API.