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For media partners

Quickly access more advertisers & maximize your revenue

Drive greater video advertising revenues with the LKQD Marketplace. Quickly access the leading advertisers and their media partners in one of the industry’s largest video advertising marketplaces.

Tap into one of the industry’s largest video ad marketplaces

Built on a flexible and highly scalable infrastructure, our marketplace delivers hundreds of millions of impressions daily across desktop, mobile and connected TV — enabling buyers and sellers to transact at unprecedented global scale.

Access the leading brands and all their demand partners

Our marketplace provides media partners, including publishers and app developers, with fast, efficient, and scalable access to demand from all the the leading Demand Side Platforms, agencies, trading desks, and their brand advertisers.

Benefit from our direct sales & service teams

Our customizable platform and highly-skilled team help you drive revenue and increase yield. Our direct team ensures we have scalable access to demand from all the leading media partners, advertisers, and campaigns.

Create a private marketplace

Segment and package your inventory across our public marketplace, or only for a select pool of advertisers. LKQD technology gives you the flexibility and power to create your own private marketplace and present inventory for bidding via deal IDs.