Audiences at Scale


Reach scalable audiences with total control, transparency & trust

The leading brands, holding companies, agencies, trading desks and demand side platforms trust LKQD technology for advanced programmatic access to video audiences around the globe.

Reach Your Audiences Across Screens

As a top five comScore-ranked US video ad platform, LKQD sees millions of viewers across desktop, mobile, and connected TV.


Mobile Web & App

Connected TV

Access Quality Inventory in the LKQD Marketplace

Hundreds of publishers and media partners rely on LKQD technology to power their entire video advertising stack. These direct integrations enable LKQD to deliver advanced programmatic access to audiences with expanded filtering, targeting, data, and insights.

Scalable reach to audiences across all digital screens

Full compatibility with HTML5, VAST, and VPAID

Comprehensive traffic filtering for brand safety & quality

Advanced data

Customizable Queries Per Second (QPS) limits

Eliminates the need for multiple reach partners and duplication

Ensure Peace of Mind with Built-in Quality Controls

To ensure programmatic video quality and safeguard advertisers, custom-built solutions, along with all the leading third-party tools, are built right into the LKQD platform. Our tech complies with MRC and IAB guidelines and incorporates the industry’s most comprehensive suite of tools to efficiently and effectively filter, block, verify, segment, and validate.

  • Strict vetting process & ongoing monitoring

  • Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) certifications

  • Always-on first and third-party solutions

  • Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) certifications

Advanced Inventory Controls

Our inventory is among the highest quality in the industry. We’ve created an industry-leading three-tiered approach to blocking, filtering, and traffic detection:

  • LKQD Filtering

    Proprietary IVT (Invalid Traffic) blocking software automatically removes suspicious traffic.

  • Pre-Bid Blocking

    The leading third-party tools & solutions are integrated for real-time IVT blocking.

  • Post-Impression Detection

    Post-impression data continuously feeds into LKQD IVT software to maximize quality.

Effortlessly Build a Private Marketplace - Our Tech Does All the Heavy Lifting

Access our public marketplace, or use our infrastructure and expertise to power your own private or custom marketplace. LKQD technology is flexible to get you up and running quickly.

  • Integrate private deals with any suppliers you choose — we handle all the details.

  • Customize data, targeting, and filtering to reach your audience segments at scale.

  • Apply capping, pacing, and filtering capabilities to reach your viewers across screens.

Activate Brand Budgets that Align with Your KPIs

Reach the precise audiences you want, at scale. Our platform integrates advanced data into a flexible architecture to give you the power to reach, measure, and optimize your campaigns.

  • Pick and mix variables to create your own custom audience segments.

  • See performance & optimization insights down to the publisher level.