Data Management Platform


Build a competitive advantage & drive performance

Harness your data along with third-party data from all of the leading vendors. Our enterprise-class DMP is backed by a robust and flexible infrastructure with the power to scale to billions of data points. Combine, customize, and slice data to get both high-level and granular insights that help you grow your business.

Leverage your data

Leverage your unique data assets to improve targeting efficiency, achieve unprecedented audience segmentation, and boost operational efficiency. Whether you already have proprietary data, or you’re looking to create it for the first time, the LKQD DMP has all the tools and controls you need to customize, combine, and manage unlimited segments.


Offline Data: Server to server
Online Data: Client-side pixels (apps & web)


Create and manage your data taxonomies based on your unique operations and sales needs.

Combine multiple data sources to build unique custom segments

Build a competitive advantage by creating your own customized audience segments. Combine your data along with third-party data within the LKQD DMP and apply a range of advanced audience filters to forecast and deliver the best audiences for your advertisers.

Since the LKQD platform is already connected with every major data provider, DSP, and exchange, we give you the ability to make all the audience segments you build immediately actionable.

Get cross-device matching

Match audiences across devices with the power of the LKQD DMP. Our DMP gives you the ability to seamlessly ingest data from across devices, automatically match users, deliver sequential campaigns across screens, optimize frequency, and much more.

  • Re-target your audience across the platform

    Extend your campaigns by reaching your website and mobile viewers across screens. With top-ranked reach to viewers and connections to all the leading DSPs and exchanges, LKQD ensures maximum scale.

  • Integrated third party data providers

    Access data from all of the leading third-party providers to create unlimited custom segments for your campaigns and advertisers.