Player and Ad Formats


Drive engagement and revenue with video

  • Oustream Slider

    Glides in to bottom corner

  • Oustream InContent

    May be posted natively

  • Oustream Fixed

    Appears fixed at the bottom of the screen

  • Interstitial

    Full-screen experience ie. between gaming levels

  • Interstitial - Overlay

    Full-screen experience; appears over content.

  • In-Banner

    Flexible placement into any standard ad unit.

Custom ad formats

Take advantage of our in-stream, out-stream, and custom player formats. Whether you have content across desktop, mobile web, mobile app, connected TV, or all four, LKQD has a customizable player and pre-built formats to help you drive engagement and increase revenue. Through our video ad player SDK, quickly customize your configuration to get just what your business needs.

  • In-Stream

    Already have a video content player? Access LKQD pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video ad units, all with the latest VAST & VPAID compatibility.

  • Out-Stream

    Don’t have video content or an ad player? No problem. Start generating video revenue today with innovative and engaging LKQD out-stream ads.

Content Player

Tap into LKQD to play your video content across desktop, mobile, and connected TV. The LKQD Video Content Player is a fully supported, highly customizable single solution to serve ads and play content.