Universal Auction

For Media Partners

Streamline operations, centralize analytics, and maximize revenue across direct and programmatic

Effectively and efficiently manage multiple demand channels

Universal Auction eliminates the inefficiencies from using multiple platforms and prioritization processes. It’s a unified solution that decreases ad decisioning latency, centralizes analytics, simplifies operations, and puts you in control to maximize your video advertising revenue.

A single, unified platform for demand management, reporting and optimization

Unify your ad reporting

Achieve granular control of every demand source

Enforce brand exclusivity

Run A/B test monetization models

Get accurate analytics and forecasting

Get universal frequency caps across media buys

Create customized ad selection models

Reduce latency and increase scalability

Integrate all your demand channels on one platform

Integrate all your direct and programmatic channels on one flexible and powerful platform with Universal Mediation from LKQD. Stop managing multiple, disconnected demand sources and systems, and start getting unified reporting and analytics that help you improve your bottom line.

Efficiently manage competition for your inventory

Eliminate cumbersome and complex channel prioritization processes, increase competition for your inventory, and maximize your video advertising revenue. Universal Auction gives you unmatched flexibility and unified controls to quickly and efficiently prioritize both your direct and programmatic channels.